Mars in Cancer 2019

Mars enters the sign of Cancer 15 May and will stay there,until 1 July 2019 when it enters the sign of Leo.

You know your fight or flight instinct? That part of you that is so animal that it makes you forget about decorum and start rolling up your sleeves? In astrology, it’s Mars that rules over that impulse. This is the planet of action, combat, and sexuality. It’s the wave of energy that pushes you forward and instills you with drive. As it moves through each sign in the zodiac, Mars reveals itself in its own unique way, and when Mars in Cancer begins on 15 May, things are about to get way more emotional around here.

However, if you know a thing or two about Cancer, you’re probably already feeling confused about how this transit is going to go. Mars is known for pushing boundaries, jumping out of comfort zones, and telling it like it is. When it’s in teary-eyed, sensitive, and cozy Cancer, Mars isn’t acting like its usual self. This is not to say that Mars forgets all about its instinct to keep going when it’s in Cancer, just that it directs its energy towards different things. One thing thing’s for sure: Mars in Cancer 2019 is going to reveal what’s truly important to you. It’s more about keeping your loved ones close than going out of your way to affect change in the world.

Defend And Protect Whatever Matters Most To Your Heart.

When Mars is in Cancer, you’re not necessarily in the mood to fight. Cancer is known for its powers of sensitivity and empathy, so when it comes down to it, Cancer would rather solve problems by trying to be emotionally understanding of the situation. Cancer is not known for saying the first mean thing that comes to mind or throwing down at the first sign of conflict. They may even feel compassion towards someone who is threatening them.

However, that sweet and caring energy has a limit, especially when Cancer’s loved ones are being threatened. During this Mars in Cancer transit, prepare to feel viciously protective of whatever matters to you most. If the people you love are being taken advantage of or someone belittles something you truly care about, the gloves will come off.

Focus Your Energy On Family And Domestic Concerns.

Mars represents your source of energy. It’s the fire behind every move you feel inspired to make. Mars tends to have big plans and it doesn’t want to sit still. When it’s in Cancer, Mars doesn’t necessarily lose that instinct to do something drastic. However, Cancer is more focused on the home, making Mars in Cancer a truly private and cozy transit.

This is the best time to put your energy towards sprucing up the most sacred and intimate parts of your life. Spend time nurturing your relationship with your family, redesigning your space, and rethinking your priorities. Even though Mars wants to win and achieve, it’s easy to forget about catering to the foundation of your life. Use Mars in Cancer to take care of your personal life. You could use a good cuddle.

Prepare For Emotional Intensity And Passive Aggressiveness.

Just because Cancer is known for being sensitive and sweet doesn’t mean that Cancer doesn’t get angry. After all, they are symbolized by the crab in astrology, and the crab certainly has claws. However, a crab’s first instinct at the sign of conflict isn’t to engage in battle. It’s to crawl sideways and hide under a rock. When Mars is in Cancer, this sideways energy can translate into a whole lot of passive aggressiveness.

During Mars in Cancer, take care that you’re not avoiding conflict to the point that you’re only hurting yourself. Cancer is a majorly emotional sign, so prepare to feel a lot of feelings and be sure you don’t bottle them up. As they say, holding a grudge is like drinking poison and hoping that it hurts your enemy instead.

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