Mars in Gemini 2019

From , 31 March through 15 May 2019, Mars will transit the sign of Gemini. The sign that Mars transits during a 6-week period describes what makes us angry and how we respond to aggravating situations. The personal energies are regulated by mental stimulation and physical restlessness. Its energies are quite scattered. Gemini thrives upon new ideas, visual stimulation and social interaction with others. This sign can become quite depressed when there is nothing going on to keep the mind perked and energized. For those with many Fire and Air signs in their horoscopes, it becomes difficult to sit still under this transit. For these people, inactivity or confinement can make them extremely despondent and melancholic. Those with many Earth and Water signs can also be stirred into activity but it can cause some stress due to the disruption of normal routines.
Gemini likes change and lots of it! However, it is important to remember that Gemini likes activity, not necessarily accomplishment. Mars in Gemini can cause mental stress, reckless decisions, relationship setbacks and frustrating circumstances when it forms stressful aspects to the outer planets:

When the restless energies of Mars in Gemini are blocked, frustrated or seem to generate stress through over-stimulation, there can be an imbalance in the homeopathic cell salt, Kali Muriaticum, potassium chloride. Kali Mur is found throughout the body. Deficiency results in a coating of the tongue, glandular swelling, scaling of the skin, and excess mucous discharge. Deficiency symptoms include colds, congestion of the bronchial tubes, sinus inflammation, arthritis inflammation, a lack of energy and interest. All congestion and swelling need Kali Mur. If there in an inflammation, the may be a need for Ferrum Phosphate – the inflammation usually arises from the lack of oxygen due to iron deficiency.

April 26-27: Mars squares Neptune so activities may fizzle out if started now.
May 5-6: Mars opposes Jupiter so there is a severe warning not to over-react and say something that you regret.

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