Mercury Retrograde.12 August 2017 until 5 Sept 2017


In Astrological mythology, Mercury is the messenger of the gods. Hence the planet Mercury rules anything related to communication like:

• Signing agreements

• Classes and schools and colleges

• Sending/receiving correspondence

• Communication equipment like computers, phones, satellites,etc

• Traveling and travel equipment such as cars, bicycles, trains, and planes, ships,etc.


During Mercury retrograde period it is advised not to do the following as it might land you in trouble:

They are:

• Placing ads / communications

•Making important decisions.

• Travel

• Purchasing or settling up of communications equipment.

• Signing important deals or contracts.

• Initiating business deals

• Sending important correspondence or any type of message

• Starting any educative projects

• Beginning any new enterprise.

But a Mercury retrograde period is thought to be very excellent for:

• Reviewing and revising plans

• Catching up on old business

• Cleaning out the metaphorical closet

• Deeply considering issues.

This is just a generalized sum up. Some people are very sensitive to Mercury retro periods whereas some other are totally unnerved by the same. So if you are any of your family member or friend had been born during a Mercury retrograde, what are you supposed to do?? Do not worry or lose hope. Many very intelligent people have been born during this period too. Usually such people are great thinkers. They are very individualistic as well. They garner all the information around them and come to a conclusion by themselves. They cannot be influence easily. They also have the special gift of seeing things in a different perspective, that is they have to eyes to see beneath any problem.

What is to be done?

• Finish projects which involve communication before the retrograde.

• Avoid closing big deals during the retrograde

• Try to avoid launching new projects during the retrograde

• Avoid scheduling meetings to make a big decision

• Allow extra time when traveling

• Backup your hard drive or any other vital data before the retrograde

• Avoid installing new computer software or new communication lines during the retrograde

• Do needed repairs on machinery/house before the retrograde

• Do not hold an election during the retrograde

• Do the follow-ups on a project already started

• Wrap up or complete a project already started

• Research a new project thoroughly

• Catch up on paperwork

• Hold an information-sharing meeting

• Enjoy a good sense of humor.

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