Retrograde Planets in Transits.

Astrologically, Retrogrades happen when planets, and the energy they represent, are too far out and need to come back in line with the Earth. This is when you need to slow down. Hence during a retrograde period of a planet you are advised to slow down much like the planet itself. If you work against it then it consumes much energy than needed, also your efforts would end in vain.

A retrograde can have an inverse effect on our lives. Retrograde effects can sometimes reverse situations and change our feelings or activities, alter usual communications between people, or affect our ability to discern information positively.

Mercury Retrograde.

Mercury goes retrograde three times each year and each retrograde lasts for about three week’s time. This is a good time to take stock of your standing and come to terms with the reality. It would be an apt time for you to lay low, process and digest the information that you have in hand rather than venture out into unknown hitherto undiscovered territory. Visualize and perceive things from your internal point of view and do not start anything new for the time being.

Venus Retrograde.

When the planet Venus goes retrograde your values and ideals in life would be put to question. There would be an inner self calling for you to act cautiously over your wealth, talents or people. This is a good time to get a good understanding of yourself and how you relate to those around you.

Mars Retrograde.

When Mars goes retrograde, it indicates that it is time to slow down a bit in life. There would be an impulsive part in you that makes you rush, but take another look at the targets and goals in your life. Make sure that you are on track and is not running in circles. You need to control your senses, emotions and inner potential and channel them towards the positive goals of yours. You have to bring yourself in line with those around you so that relationships get deepened.

Jupiter Retrograde.

When Jupiter is Retrograde, expansion or growth in your life stops abruptly. All sorts of external energies are sapped away from you that you need to look into your internal self for survival. You need to put in much energy and commitment than normally warranted for your projects. When Jupiter is retrograde certain things that have been clinging onto you would be removed and you need to continue your journey without that, but ultimately it would be for your general well-being only.

Saturn Retrograde.

Saturn goes retrograde for about a period of 4 and a half months. During this time there would be unwanted delays and hindrances in your life. Everything you do would ask for more effort and hard work on your part. Progress in life would be delayed. The house in your chart that has Saturn transiting in it would feel the most heat. Re-evaluate your plans and strengthen your physical and mental self. You need to go places. Saturn retrograde period helps you to come up with new plans that would be productive once the retrograde is over.

Uranus Retrograde.

Uranus retrograde period is a good time to bring the creative side of yourself to the fore. The world is loaded with new ideas, avenues and experiments. You have to find out which idea or path would help you to survive. Some moments of uncertainty and anxious ness might set in. Do not yield but proceed on your quest for total internal freedom relentlessly.

Neptune Retrograde.

The retrograde period of Neptune is a time when the slim line between reality and fantasy gets blurred and you are taken into a dreamy world. Dream big when Neptune is retrograde. Your intuitive sense comes to the fore, be perceptive and get inspiration from things and people around you in this time. During this period, the energy would be so transcendent, so stay clear from boundaries in your life.

Pluto Retrograde.

When Pluto goes retrograde your search for inner truth and peace would be relentless. The compassionate nature of yourself comes to play and you would be in a search for more knowledge. A good time to purge or cleanse your inner soul. Sometime you might feel an empty space within, but stay true to your own self.

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