Venus Retrograde 2017.Love Relations.

From an Astrological standpoint, the good news is we aren’t in Mercury retrograde. But the bad news is we are currently experiencing Jupiter retrograde, and as of 4 March 2017 Venus is retrograde, until 15 April 2017,which only happens approximately every 18 months. So what does that mean for you? Here’s what you can expect while we navigate Venus retrograde 2017.

What Does Venus Represent in Astrology And What Happens When It Goes Retrograde?

Just like the goddess of mythology, the planet Venus represents love and romance in astrology. It’s the ruling planet of the second house of home and material possessions and the seventh house of partnerships, including marriages. Venus is the ruling planet of Taurus, the bull, and Libra, the scale.

When planets go retrograde, as we say in astrology, they aren’t really going backward, but appear to be doing so in relation to other planets. When any planet goes through a retrograde phase, the energies of that planet tend to be manifested in different ways. It could be the energy is repressed or stifled, or those with strong aspects to the retrograde planet my internalize the energy associated with it more during this introspective phase.

Venus retrograde can mean looking back at old flames on a superficial level but could also represent a deep assessment of current relationships and getting to the heart of where you stand with romantic partners, pun intended.

Venus Travels Through Aries and Pisces During Retrograde Phase

It isn’t just the planet that determines how this retrograde phase manifests itself to individuals, but any astrologer or astrology buff must also take into consideration what signs Venus travels through during this phase. For this particular circumstance, Venus will be traveling retrograde through Aries back into Pisces, and you’d be hard-pressed to find two more different zodiac signs, given that Aries is traditionally the beginning of the zodiac cycle while Pisces is the last zodiac sign of the traditional astrology wheel.

With Venus retrograde, the impulsive nature of Aries may create some problems for those currently in a relationship. What can be worse than a bull (Taurus) in a china shop? An Aries ram in there crashing about, wreaking havoc. (I say that with love, fellow Aries.) But that retrograde Venus energy might be the very thing that the impulsive and sometimes callous Aries personality needs to get more in touch with their own and their partners’ romantic feelings and needs.

When Venus enters Pisces on 3 April,through the end of the Venus retrograde phase on 15 April,expect a more subdued, dreamy approach to romance which may include a lot of daydreaming and fantasizing about ideal romantic partners or finding new love relationships.

How You Should Approach Venus Retrograde

Venus suggests those already in a romantic partnership should use this time to dig deep and take an honest look at their relationship by having that “Big Connection” they have been putting off with their partner. Be wary of any ex-partners suddenly arriving on the scene, as the temptation of a nostalgic episode probably won’t lead to any long-term reunions but can do plenty of damage to current relationships. You can also take this time to use that nostalgia over old flames to think about what went wrong and why that person is an “ex.”

It’s also a good time to get into this deep communication now because just as Venus retrograde is wrapping up and ready to go back to normal, the last couple of days overlap with the most notorious retrograde — the dreaded Mercury retrograde. So communicate your hearts out while you can still get the message across clearly.

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